after school programs in an international environment

After school language classes are available in Chinese (Mandarin), French, and German. We also have a great choice of after school activities (in English) for all grades, including arts & crafts, cooking, science, dance, cultural activities and more. Other choices include after school Study Hall (for Elementary and Middle School students only) or Extended Care. Activities and classes are available for all ages, on both campuses.

gladys lim, INTL parent

I was looking for a sport that would interest my son, so we enrolled him in the INTL after school fencing class. He seemed to enjoy it, so we registered him for another semester, then again for the intermediate class the following school year…Today, Nicholas fences 3 times a week at the Fencing Center in San Jose…This year is his first year competing in several fencing tournaments and he has been getting better and better.

sample after school activities

  • Pre-Jedi Engineering Legos
  • Soccer
  • Playtime Gymnastics
  • Science Exploration
  • Brazilian Percussion
  • Capoeira
  • Samba
  • Basketball
  • Spanish Fun
  • Jump Bunch