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  • Tuition


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  • 2022-23

* Includes 6 weeks of summer camp (the summer following enrollment), 3 weeks of mini-camp, and extended day care for PS/PK students.

One-time new student enrollment fee


english language acquisition support 

varying fee

Optional Hot Lunch Program

prices determined by Taste Nutrition: $7.50 for PS-PK, $8.50 for K-2nd, $8.75 for 3rd–5th, and $9.25 for 6th-12th

After-School Activities

varying costs

Optional International Exchange Trips

varying costs

payment schedule

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  • One Payment

    due May 1st
  • Two Payments

    including Tuition Refund Plan

    1st payment due May 1st
    2nd payment due Sept. 1st
  • Eight payments

    including Tuition Refund Plan

    1st payment due May 1st
    6 equal payments due the 1st of each month.
    Final payment due by Dec. 1st
We also offer a variable tuition program. For more information about our inclusive variable tuition, please visit our variable tuition page.

tuition refund plan

The Tuition Refund Plan, offered by Dewar, is optional for parents who pay a single, lump-sum payment, and is mandatory for those who elect to pay under a two or eight payment plan, receive variable tuition, the French Bourse or tuition remission.