computer science and educational technology

In addition to technology integration across our curriculum, INTL has a fully-developed computer science curriculum for our students from 1st through 8th grades. The curriculum is tailored to meet the learning needs of each grade level and builds upon previously acquired knowledge, requiring students to think at higher, more complex levels. Our curriculum is driven by a digital literacy and citizenship curriculum, which teaches complex problem-solving skills that are easily transferrable to other disciplines.
INTL’s 1:1 technology initiatives provide students with leading-edge tools. Our Preschool-5th grades have a 1:1 iPad program, in which the iPad remains at school, but is used seamlessly by each individual student in everyday classroom life. Applications are used to reinforce, extend, and enrich learning, as well as to encourage creation, facilitate communication, and develop problem-solving skills. The Middle School and High School have a 1:1 laptop program, allowing students to take their technology skills to a greater depth in conjunction with their academic learning.

Technology and collaborative skills are essential in our increasingly interconnected world, and the physical representation of this at INTL is the Bean-O’Sullivan Media Hub on our Cohn Campus – a state of the art space which provides printed and digital resources to conduct research, a video production studio, 3D printers and laser technology for fabrication, as well as areas to work collaboratively.
The ubiquity of technology available to the faculty in personal laptops and interactive projectors in classrooms allows them to integrate whiteboard and multimedia resources in their everyday teaching.